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Simon's Cat (2015) Animation of the entire episode. Cleanup artist : Setareh Seto

Darwin's New Hat - Part of "The Signal" episode (2015) animation of the first 1min10 sec of the clip. Cleanup by Studio Soi

The Science of Love - Part of "The Love" Episode of The Amazing World of Gumball (2015) Animation of the whole sequence.

Gumball's New Bod (2016) - Animation of the first 25 seconds of the clip. Cleanup by Studio Soi

Alan's meal - Part of the episode "The Traitor"(2015) Animation of the first 1 min 40 seconds of the episode - to the exception of the realistic sandwich making shot (by Sheetal Thankey) Cleanup by Studio Soi.

The Awkwardness : Animation from 01:00 to 01:44

Stewpot Rhapsodie (2012)- Graduation film. Participated in writing, design, story board, layout, animation, cleanup, compositing.

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